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Antelope Island Boho Themed Wedding Inspiration

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

From the shores of Antelope Island in Salt Lake City Utah comes a beautifully inspired wedding elopement, complete with fresh greenery, rugs from The Boheme Project and photos by the lovely Emli Photography. What a unique location and potential wedding venue. Antelope Island is just a few miles outside of Salt Lake city surrounded by the Great Salt Lake. Bring your wedding guests into a natural setting at this state park, full of beauty and exciting wildlife. Antelope Island is home to free-ranging bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, and many other desert animals. And yes, you can apply to hold your wedding on the island, simply visit the park website and fill out the application form.

Now on to the good part, these gorgeous photos, I hope you enjoy the inspiration. Don't forget to check out the end of this post for a list of all of the amazing local Utah Wedding Vendors involved including Jeneze Designs!

The talent:

Photos: Emma @emli.photography | emliphotography.com

Coordinator: Wild Rose Events @wild_rose_events | wildroseevents.com

Rugs: The Boheme Project @thebohemeproject | thebohemeproject.com

Cake: Sweet Cravings @sweetcreavings12 | www.facebook.com/sweetcravingsyummytreats

Dress: Gypsy Bride @gypsybride | gypsybride.com

Couple: Jessica @yittletingz and Kelton @keltonquinn

Florist: Kait @bloomdcofloral | www.bloomdfloral.com

Invitations: Jenny @jenezedesigns | www.jeneze.com

Makeup artist: Savanah @savanahnormanmua


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